Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Labour appointments confirmed

The Labour Group has this evening confirmed its list of appointments to the joint Labour/SNP Coalition Administration ... I'll simply list them below:

Leader – Andrew Burns
Provost – Donald Wilson

Convener of Education – Paul Godzik
Convener of Health, Social Care & Housing – Ricky Henderson
Convener of Transport & Environment – Lesley Hinds

Convener of Planning – Ian Perry
Convener of Licensing Board – Eric Milligan
Convener of Audit – Maureen Child

Vice-Convener of Regulatory (& Baillie) – Angela Blacklock
Vice-Convener of Culture & Leisure – Norma Austin Hart
Vice-Convener of Economic Development – Gordon Munro
Vice-Convener of Health, Social Care & Housing – Cammy Day
Vice-Convener of Finance – Bill Cook

Provost and Leader are formally confirmed at this Thursday's Full Council Meeting; the rest of the appointments at next week's Council Meeting on the 24th.

I'm looking forward to working with all Conveners/Vice-Conveners; both those listed above and all those from the SNP Group.


mike ferrigan said...

Thanks for the info,Andrew.

Andrew said...

Thanks Mike ... sorry there's no "Minister for Penguins" :-(

suzy hall said...

Good to see Paul in Education. A lot of mess left there after the departure of Marilyn MacLaren!

suzy hall said...

Wish there was a Minister for Penguins ;-)

Andrew said...

Might just have to think about that as part of any first re-shuffle :-)