Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Contract with the Capital

Apologies for the uncharacteristic 'blogging-silence' since the local elections last Thursday ... hope you can understand that I've been ever-so-slightly busy throughout the intervening days ;-)

But, as I'm sure all my regular readers know, we had
a fantastic result returning the largest number of Councillors (for one Group) ever elected under STV in Edinburgh: twenty!

I'll just say that again,
twenty :-))

Following the results on Friday afternoon, I made truly extensive efforts -
as we promised we would in our manifesto - to form an administration from the best available talents; and we spoke to all 4 other Political Groups at great length over the weekend.

But by Monday evening, it was clear that it wouldn't be possible to create a coalition of all the talents - so
Edinburgh Labour formed a coalition with the local SNP and signed a 'Heads of Terms' that evening.

And this afternoon, Edinburgh Labour and the local SNP have formally signed "A New Contract with the Capital".

The most important word in the whole document is the with in the title --- we intend to be both open and transparent; to listen to the residents of Edinburgh; and then to decide and deliver.

Our central priority will be to build a more co-operative and prosperous Edinburgh that benefits every individual and community.

The agreement includes more than 50 pledges that the administration will be judged on, with a review going to Council each year detailing what progress has been made on meeting those aims.
The agreement sets out six key priorities:
  • ensuring every child in Edinburgh has the best start in life
  • reducing poverty, inequality and deprivation
  • providing for Edinburgh 's prosperity
  • strengthening and supporting our communities and keeping them safe
  • ensuring Edinburgh, and its residents, are well cared-for; and
  • maintaining and improving the quality of life in Edinburgh.

This "new contract with the capital" does mark a fresh start ...

... and from today, right through to the first-Thursday in May 2017, we'll be working tirelessly to repay the trust that was put in us by the electorate last week --- and to deliver on the 50 pledges in
this document.

Personally, I can't wait to get started.

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