Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Consultation, consultation ...

Well - much to our surprise, the Administration were entirely conducive to the need for further public consultation on the 'City Centre and Princes Street Public Realm' report at this morning's Policy and Strategy Committee Meeting!

It was thus duly agreed - on an all-Party basis - that such consultation will take place before any final approvals.

A rare outbreak of common sense ;-)

Didn't pervade the debate about the extra public holiday mind you - and many good republicans voted in favour of spending £320,000 worth of tax-payers money to fund a day-off for Council Staff on the 29th April. The vote was carried overwhelmingly; against our moves to try and have the day treated as a 'normal working day'.

And, of course, we were all assured the cost could be 'contained' within existing budgets?

Amazing the things you can find money for when you don't need to :-(

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