Monday, February 21, 2011

Policy and Strategy Committee tomorrow

Policy and Strategy Committee meeting tomorrow - main agenda can be found here, and all the papers are up on CPOL here.

I reckon most debate may well be generated by the report on the 'City Centre and Princes Street Public Realm' issues - detail here. I'm supportive of much of what's in this report, but to ask for it to be 'approved' without any further public consultation seems to be asking-for-trouble? In particular, the removal of ALL buses from Princes Street would have very, very significant consequences (and I'm not sure it's even feasible?) and it does appear to me that the public should be asked for their views before this is taken anywhere near the 'approval' stage.

Could also be a bit of debate about the proposed 'additional Council holiday' (details here) to coincide with a particular wedding on Friday 29th April? Such a move comes with a price-tag of some £320,000 and, you guessed it, wasn't contained in the approved Council Budget just a few week's ago!

I'll be sure to report back on any outcomes following the meeting.

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