Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday campaigning & more AV-polls

Another Sunday afternoon campaigning in those tenemental stairs I've come to love so much ;-)

... and Scottish Parliament elections aside, spotted some very confusing poll developments in the (now confirmed) AV-referendum arena?

Appears that YouGov still haven't asked the 'actual' referendum question, but even so their latest effort appears to put the Yes-side slightly ahead (34/30) by asking this specific question:

“In May this year there will be a referendum on changing the way Britain votes in general elections from the current system, known as “First Past the Post”, to a different electoral system called the “Alternative Vote”. In PRINCIPLE, do you support or oppose changing the electoral system from First Past the Post to the Alternative Vote?”

Very difficult to draw direct comparisons with the other polling companies who are asking the exact referendum question, but the figures above (34/30) are quite a 'move' from earlier YouGov results (32/41).

Still - a very high percentage of "Don't Knows" means the next few months do indeed leave everything to play for.

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