Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Edinbuzz local 'social media surgery'

I mentioned the Edinbuzz 'social media surgeries' a few weeks back --- well, there is one at my local Fountainbridge Library tomorrow night - details below.

Tragically, I need to be in London all day tomorrow and will miss it :-(

Anyhow, if you're interested, please do go along!


Edinbuzz are holding a free Social Media Surgery in Fountainbridge Library on Wednesday the 23rd of February at 6:30pm. And we want you to come along!

The session is a free, informal chance to learn how to use social media tools like flickr, twitter, blogging, you-tube and Facebook.

The surgery, which is one of twelve being held across the city, is particularly aimed at community groups and active citizens with an interest in their local communities.

You'll find more information about the project at www.edinbuzz.net

Both workers and service users from community groups in Fountainbridge are very welcome to come along - and please do feel free to pass this message on to other community groups you think may be interested!



Edward Harkins said...

This Edinbuzz initiative is admirable. I was at a really informative workshop run for free at COSLA by Learning Pool on social media in public service delivery.

The whole affair was well led and I think everyone enjoyed it and benefited from it. The potantial of social media was being fully explored.

We need, however, to work to make sure that good work in the public sector does does open up the 'Digital Divide' between the professionals and the lay public even more. The Edinbuzz surgeries are a good example of how we can address this danger.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - agree with your general point about the need to avoid any 'divide' between the professionals and lay public.