Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fancy that; a pigeon?

Forgot to mention that when I returned from my evening meeting last night, a pigeon was on my doorstep (literally!) ...

... now, I'm somewhat weary of pigeons due to previous experiences - but upon inspection it was obvious this was a high-class, homing-bird: had a couple of rings on its feet and a very clear telephone number to call was on one of them.

My better-half made the call - she was connected to somewhere in South Ayrshire (I'm not making this up!) and the owner was delighted to hear the bird was alive and well - they had a relative in Currie, who duly came and picked up the pigeon which had apparently been lost since a race on Saturday past. The owner from South Ayrshire was then going to drive up to Currie to collect the bird.

Junior enjoyed making the required pigeon-box, fitted with air-holes for the pigeon's journey home!

Every word true - I'm a politician after all ;-)

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