Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Admission of failure

Quite incredible development in the now month-long bins dispute this evening --- have a read at this story on the BBC web-site; and can I draw particular attention to the Council Leader's final sentence:

"It is essential that they understand that we have plans to avoid the substantial reductions in pay that are being reported in the media."

The work-to-rule by some Council Staff started on Thursday 25th June and yet today (Wednesday 29th July) the Council Leader states that it's essential the Unions understand what's being offered to them - quite unbelievable!

Frankly, it is a plain admission of failed leadership - just what has the Council Administration being doing for the last month if they now accept that the Unions may not fully understand what's on offer?

I've now been saying it for weeks - the Council Leader needs to get a grip of this situation and ensure what should have happened over a month ago - that all the Unions, and Council employees, fully understand what's on offer. It's not rocket-science.

I do hope she now ensures that happens and the dispute is settled.

But when it is, and it will be eventually, it will be clear that Edinburgh residents have suffered over a month of completely unnecessary disruption.


Bob C said...

I think you are being a bit opportunistic on this. You know well that the binmen use the festival every year to put pressure on the council. you also know that the Labour administration tried unsuccessfully for years to modernise the working arrangements for refuse collection, which are completely outdated and inefficient. I know you have to play the political game, but its not really a very positive way of reacting to this dispute.

Andrew said...

Bob C

Thanks for the comment - sorry, but I simply disagree.

Yes - this issue has been around for years - accepted.

What's different this year is that there's been an attempt to implement a potential solution (which is fine) BUT WITHOUT it being properly explained to the Unions or employees more generally. That's now been admitted, as per my post.

Just today (30th July) the Council Leadership are sitting down face-to-face with the Unions ... I understand that's the first time this has happened since the work-to-rule began on 25th June. Frankly, it should have happened LONG BEFORE the 25th June and all of this could have been avoided.

The Administraiton have been asleep on the job.