Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surgery; Tollcross; and pigeons

Weekly surgery this evening - quiet tonight: possibly down to the school holidays? - and thereafter attended a meeting of Tollcross Community Centre, along with a couple of elected colleagues. Funding, and staffing, issues dominated the discussions.

Don't laugh too much at this --- but in the usual rush home (just prior to attending the above meetings) --- I was merrily cycling along the union canal; there was a slight drizzle so the canal path was wet but not that bad; rang my bell (as I always do!) when I approached one of the canal bridges; gently pulled the brakes to avoid any oncoming pedestrians; and promptly went into a huge skid on the cobbles that line the sections of path underneath each bridge; came flying off the bike and ground to a halt centimetres (and I'm not exaggerating) from the edge of the canal :-(

No serious damage done (other than to my pride) and absolutely no one else around --- thankfully really --- to witness my downfall.

All due to --- wait for it --- excessive pigeon sh*te on the cobbles :-((

I feel a strongly-worded letter to British Waterways in the making!

This all had nothing whatsoever to do with heavy braking on my part, of course --- and I simply refuse to blame London for their rumoured reductions to British Waterways funding ;-)


Anonymous said...

This would really have been worth viewing !

Does this mean we now need red boxes for Pigeon Sh*t just like the ones we need for dogs ?

P S -- You were lucky it was not dogs !!!

The Connected One......

Andrew said...


Just means that British Waterways should get some bl**dy 'roosting prevention' installed on the underside of the canal bridges ;-)

Anonymous said...

The pigeon was sitting near by with his iPhone has some video of this event. Just be glad that the pigeon has not work out how to upload it on to You Tube yet !!!

He may have sent it into 'You Have Been (bicycled) Framed' to claim his £250. You see, it's a resession even for pidegons.

Ed said...

meant to comment on this before, Andra. I would guess this is the bridge at Yeaman Place. It's a nightmare to walk under. The filthy feathered rats are continually crapping and I got shat upon fairly recently. I saw a manky old man the other day feeding them from a bag of bread. He was asking for a bit of the old Clockwork Orange treatment for vagrants, I'll tell yer.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment!

... not convinced on the efficacy of the 'Clockwork Orange' treatment mind you :-(