Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Third Party Grants

I promised to post further on the third-party grants issues that are up at this Thursday's Full Council meeting - the overview report can be found here ...

... paragraph 6 is the real issue:

"The Council considered the Comprehensive Review of 3rd Party Funding at the meeting on 16th October 2008. This proposed that funding from the Council should be streamlined and developed to reflect the national and local outcomes in the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA)."

We opposed those recommendations at the time due to our well-documented disdain at the whole SOA process and the headlong-rush to 'commissioning' at the expense of local grant-giving.

The whole of paragraph 6 above is (not very good) code for serious funding cuts and service reductions - from next year's (2010/11) round of Grant Awards.

We simply won't support such an agenda.

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