Friday, October 17, 2008

October Full Council meeting

Well, Full Council did last considerably longer than the previous two months ... finished around 6.30pm :-(

Main divisions were on:
  • the (so-called) Fairer Scotland Fund
  • Wave 3 schools project update
  • review of funding to Third Parties
  • review of Neighbourhood Partnerships
  • and most of the motions from item 10.1 onwards :-(

No division on item 8.1, as it was all ruled 'incompetent' - I'll leave you to judge on that ...

The Lord Provost did verbally guarantee that the whole saga would come back before the Full Council after the Standards Commission has duly reported.

Very little accommodation to any other viewpoint (other than their own, of course) given by the Administration ... Neighbourhood Partnerships were the exception, where at least some sort of a compromise was offered and then agreed ...

... it can be done, but precious little evidence of it yesterday unfortunately.

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