Tuesday, March 10, 2009

more on Trams ...

Trams are featured prominently, yet again, in the local Press today ... you can see the article here.

I really do think that this constant flow of stories about potential budget problems is underlining the urgent need for some clear political leadership of the project from the current Administration.

Nature does abhor a vacuum - and the press abhors 'official silence' in much the same fashion ... and opponents of the tram scheme are not being slow in filling the empty space :-(


Anonymous said...

How have we ,the citizens of Edinburgh and of Leith survived the last 19,109 days without trams? I missed the last tram by only 948 days yet managed to survive the last 18,161 days ,and have not felt at any point deprived, without them.

If I live to be a 100 then it will have cost the taxpayers £27,531 or more per day over the next 50 years just so I can go from Ocean Terminal to the Airport on a tram.

I will still have to pay the £1.20 or more for the ticket for each trip.

What a cost effective travel arrangement eh !!!!!!!

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ... we're not going to agree, although I do respect your viewpoint.

I've made my own position on all of this pretty clear over the years, but I do accept that the delivery of the project has been poorly led i.e.


Thanks for checking the blog ...


Anonymous said...

Greetings Andrew
I live in Tollcross and work in Broughton. Fairly regularly I travel to Muirhouse, Wester Hailes, Silvernowes and Gilmerton. So how is the tram going to help me? I suspect that it will make things worse as it is quite clear that bus routes will be changed or sacrificed to make way for the almighty tram. And no I won't use it to go to the airport cos we'd have to drag the cases to a bus in order to get to a tram stop....no way when a taxi costs £15 and unlike the tram will actually go to the terminal. Your line appears to be that Labour would have managed things better - that would be like the Parliament, the Millenium Dome, the Olympics...But sarcasem aside, the key thing is that it was a bad idea, did you people never look at the opportunity costs? I am actually rather sad about this as I have voted Labour all my life, but face it - you goofed. And I won't be voting Labour for the council again until I see some signs that you people are prepared to listen and learn. You didn't mysteriously have power stolen from you - you were voted out via a democratic process. You must surely react or change in some way - all I can see is sniping from the sidelines. Oh and you've lost me at UK level too - because of the war, but that's a whole other rant.

Andrew said...


Thanks for taking the time to comment. I suspect we're not going to agree on the issue of trams ...

But firstly, of course I know we LOST the election in May 2007 - and I say that as someone who has been a long-term supporter of STV-PR and on which I've not changed my mind.

Secondly, believe it or not, I am someone who tries to listen and learn - that doesn't mean I'll agree with every piece of criticism that comes our way.

Finally, I do respect your view on trams - but I disagree. I still believe they will be to the long-term good of Edinburgh.

I guess (ultimately) time will tell which one of us is right on this issue?

Thanks agin for reading the blog and taking the time to comment.