Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post Office closures?

Two local meetings this evening about proposed Post Office closures in (or on the edge of) the Ward ... in Shandon and Gorgie.

I know only too well that there's a wider-issue with the financial stability of the overall Post Office network (some £500million per day is being lost - that's taxpayers money by the way!) ... but there are pretty severe Post Office cuts being proposed in and around the South West area of the city.

Stenhouse only closed a couple of years ago, and now Shandon, Gorgie and Longstone are all being put forward for consideration to close. I just don't see how the remaining Post Offices in the local area - at Chesser (in the ASDA) and in Gorgie (within the Scotmid) - will cope with the increased migration of business?

Add to that the fairly radical set of cuts and service-reductions being implemented by Lothian Buses and I do feel that Post Office Limited need to reconsider.

I'll be making as strong a case as I can in my submission to the consultation - anyone else interested in doing so, can find all the relevant details here.

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