Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bus service cut-backs approved

There was yet another special meeting of the Transport Committee yesterday in the City Chambers ... so much for the new 'streamlined, decision-making structure' reducing the need for regular meetings :-(

... but much worse than that slightly minor annoyance, is the serious issue of the scale of bus service cut-backs now approved :-((

The actual report is not particularly clear on the real impact of what was decided yesterday, but Lothian Buses have now put up a couple of News Releases on their website which list the full scale of what is about to happen:
  • changes to general bus services here
  • changes to Night Bus services here

Please do have a quick look - but be warned, it is not pleasant viewing.

Now, I know only too well that very real pressures are prevailing on Lothian Buses at the moment ...

But, what is hugely annoying is the fact that the current Council Administration are quite happy to 'posture' on the issue of Post Offices and argue that some should be saved on grounds of social need and then do nothing about it when they have the power to do so - just look at what can be done where there is political will ...

... but they will not even properly apply the same logic to bus services, duly recognising they are of significant social need and re-allocating some additional monies to save services? They very clearly have the power to do this, but yet again no concerted action is forthcoming??

What a contrast from 3 or 4 years ago when any minor alteration to a bus service that went through a Lib-Dem ward was greeted with howls of protest - how times have changed :-((

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