Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CAB office closures!

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Edinburgh have just announced they are to close 4 out of the 5 local Edinburgh Branches across the city - rationalising all the services in the 1 City Centre Branch in Dundas Street!

It's a totally crazy proposal.

Can you think of any worse time to shut down 80% of the Capital City's CAB network - I mean its not as if there will be much demand for advice on financial issues given how well the global economy is currently performing :-(

... and to rub salt into the wound, the News Release announcing all of this boldly states "we will introduce an e-mail service to further extend our reach and extend volunteering opportunities" - that's okay then?

Errrr ... aren't those most in need of CAB services most likely NOT to be connected to the internet??

And just have a look at CAB Edinburgh's website - here - I'll quote what's there, just in case it swiftly disappears:

Currently our email advice service is unavailable. Please either call your local office, or visit us to make an appointment.

There won't be a local office for most of the city shortly :-((

Talk about kicking people when they are down.

If ever there was an example of the need for a bit of local leadership from the Council (who are one of the main funders of CAB Edinburgh) then this is it ... sadly, I won' be holding my breath.

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