Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wonderful Slough

Okay - self-pity over ... its a Bank Holiday weekend and we're off to the allotment today to finish edging the very last bed :-)

... a huge amount of planting is also to take place - various, impressive photographs may follow later :-))

P.S. does anyone know why Slough is so bloody wonderful?


Anonymous said...

I suspect Andrew, and a quick glance at the Guardian archive will confirm this, that Slough practices old-fashioned Labour values. The Council Leader is dedicated, the Party engages with people in the community, it listens and develops policies, which people want. Simple really!

Andrew said...


Fair comment ... but you have to agree (surely?) that even some such 'good' Labour Councils lost out badly on 1st May?

Sometimes national politics do just dominate, no matter what.

Slough does appear to have 'completely' bucked the trend.