Sunday, May 04, 2008

Therapeutic day

The sun has shone brightly all day long, down at the allotment, and current political travails were thankfully banished to the deeper recesses of my mind ... at least for a good few hours this afternoon anyhow ;-)

Last bed now edged (10 in total, including the fruit-cage which you can see here on the left) and most of them planted up ...

... you should also be able to see what's become known as "The Rocket" - a 'living-willow' frame, that was given to my better-half as a very generous Birthday present ;-))

So - vegetable-wise ... we now have potatoes; onions; spinach; carrots, beetroot, radishes all planted up! More to go over the next few weeks, but most of the beds are now sown.

And - plant-wise ... a huge variety of flowers, bulbs and herbs all planted - including sweet-peas which will hopefully cover "The Rocket" in the not-too-distant future :-)

... all good therapy after the trauma of the last few days :-(


Anonymous said...

Very impressive Andrew !
Is that weeds or grass growing on the paths?
How are you going to cut it if it is grass?
You are too young to be "Put out to Grass"
The Connested One !

Anonymous said...

Andrew I just found out that you can enlarge your pictures, found this out by mistake! I am still learning. I can now see that it is not grass, but "WEEDS" WE CANNOT HAVE THIS!

Keep up the good work !
The Connected One

Andrew said...


You're right, there are some weeds, but it is mostly grass and to date we've just been cutting it with a pair of hand-shears :-(

Now that the beds are done, I'll be able to spend some time on the paths; clearing up the composting areas etc. Also have quite a bit of work to do in clearing out the 'greenhouse' (next to the shed) ...

... and to cap it all off, Junior wants a pond built as well!

- no rest for the wicked :-((