Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yet another very long Council meeting

Full Council meeting today didn't end until practically 6.30pm :-(

... and, unfortunately, there was indeed a general theme of 'update', 'work in progress', 'ongoing priority' to a lot of the debates with nothing of huge significance actually being decided. There is, frankly, a distinct lack of 'politics' becoming apparent at many of these monthly meetings ... everything is process, procedure or detail - because nothing hugely 'political' is being tackled by the Administration.

Just about the only thing that was irrevocably decided was the removal of the Biomass heating systems from 5 Secondary Schools and 2 Primary Schools ... I do feel the Administration has been "led" on this one and the local advice they've accepted means the absolute end of any such Biomass carbon-neutral heating systems for Edinburgh schools. Yet another example of 'official-capture'.

Did nobody from the Administration think to ask (or even wonder?) why this new technology was being requested for removal from the contract at the absolute last procedural minute??

It's a real travesty as much of the 'supposed' research they've taken this decision on is inconclusive, incomplete and unverified. They admitted as much.

Contrast that to the national March 2007 Biomass Action Plan (it's a very comprehensive document) which makes it very clear "that biomass can fulfil its potential as a clean, green fuel, providing Scotland with cheap, clean and convenient heat and power."

Well, except in Edinburgh that is ...

The contract COULD have gone ahead as decided back in March - none of the Biomass heating systems would have been operational until 2009 ... plenty of time to rectify any emission concerns.

Instead we've all but pulled-the-plug on the whole innovation ... exactly what numerous, vested interests wanted to do prior to the initial contract close in March.

Strange that :-((

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