Sunday, December 16, 2007

Full Council this Thursday

Full Council meeting this coming Thursday ... always seems to be such a meeting in the last week before the Christmas break :-(

I've never concluded whether it's just 'tradition' or a serious 'timetabling effort' designed only to sneak through as many controversial reports under the general cover of Christmas-mania ... the agenda is here, and you may see what I mean?

Of course, the latter was never the case when we were in charge :-))

Trams, elections, sports facilities, Pathfinder, schools ... to mention but the obvious! Seems to be more on this one months' agenda than has been processed in the whole of the last 6-months :-(

... and yet, have a closer look at what is actually being 'decided' on any of these issues, and you find that there's a general theme of 'update', 'work in progress', 'ongoing priority' ... sooner or later though, some pretty tough choices will need to be made.

Eventually, instead of disappointing most people because they're doing nothing, this Administration will have to (surely??) disappoint some people by choosing to do something.

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