Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Up close and very local

I mentioned the parking woes building up right outside my doorstep last month - see here.

Well, the measures to help with the numerous safety concerns have now all been implemented: corner double-yellows, access protection markings, and give-way markings etc.

It's actually been a refreshing case of pretty quick action by all concerned and I do believe these measures will alleviate the immediate safety problems of some fairly dangerous parking on corners.

... but, yes you've guessed it, I'm now receiving a reasonable amount of mail complaining about the new Double Yellows in particular!

Classic case of damned-if-you-do; damned-if-you-don't :-(

I do actually accept that the general parking pressures in the local area can't be so easily resolved - that's going to flow out of any 6-month review for the whole, extended Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) ... which is now right up to the edge of Shandon.

I really don't have a fixed view on any particular longer-term solution/s ... but one thing I am definitely 'fixed' on, is ensuring that the review happens as quickly as possible - some of my neighbours might start talking to me again thereafter :-((

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