Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Here's another challenge ...

I've posted before about how during the eight years I spent in the ruling Administration of CEC, hardly a week (and I don't exaggerate) went past without the Liberals berating us for spending too much on 'glossy' magazines that did nothing to improve service-delivery and which (they claimed) only served as 'self-promotion' vehicles for individuals within the Labour Party? But, needless to say, nobody took me up on my August challenge ... which speaks volumes for the reality of the current use of Departmental magazines as compared to previous, recent times.

In particular though, the Liberals constantly banged on about Outlook (the 'external' magazine that goes to every door in Edinburgh) and City News (the 'internal' magazine that goes to every staff member at the Council) arguing - quite rightly in my view - that neither of these publications should be used as promotional vehicles for Party politicians. We never did such.

... so what has now landed on my desk - you guessed it, a copy of the latest edition of City News with a two-page spread about the stunning Location, Location, Location competition victory featuring a large picture of our esteemed Council Leader, who happens to be a Party politician :-((

Now, I know from previous experience that 'politicians' sign-off this magazine, so there really can be no excuse. And, Council photographers always take pictures "with" and "without" politicians at such occasions, knowing that they will need some "without" ... and if it wasn't a Council photographer, then the sign-off process (by politicians) should have removed this particular photo.

All in all, it's just not cricket! - of course, being a fair-minded chap, I'll repeat a version of my earlier August challenge:

... if anyone can find me such a picture of Donald Anderson or Ewan Aitken in City News then I'll donate £100 to the charity of choice of the current Council Leader.

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Andrew said...

Over 48-hours and still no takers ... I'm left wondering if the Council Leader would consider donating £100 to the chariy of 'my choice' if no-one succeeds in completing the challenge??

Wasn't taken up on that last time, funny enough :-)