Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here's a challenge ...

I've just received an internal (City of Edinburgh Council - CEC) Departmental magazine - we get lots of them in the post at work :-(

Obviously, with the change to the new Liberal/Nationalist hegemony, I'd fully expect a piece in each relevant Departmental magazine about the new Executive Member (as currently is - but soon to be stream-lined Committee Convener). And yes, this has been the case in most of the Dept. mags. I've received - one (or two at most) pictures of the new Executive Member with a bit of introductory blurb about them ... all very reasonable and fair.

But the one I've just got is somewhat different.

Before I tell you why, let me try and put some context behind my ever-so-slight annoyance ... I've just come out of eight years being in the ruling Administration of CEC where hardly a week (and I don't exaggerate) went past without the Liberals berating us for spending too much on 'glossy' magazines that did nothing to improve service-delivery and which (they claimed) only served as 'self-promotion' vehicles for individuals within the Labour Party?

Now, with that in mind, I've got on my desk - actually, it's just gone into the re-cycling bin - an internal CEC Departmental magazine with six (that's 6!) pictures and nearly three pages of text all about said Department's new Executive Member :-((

If anyone can find me an internal CEC Departmental Magazine, dated between May 1999 and May 2007, with more than three pages and 6 pictures dedicated to an individual Labour politician then I'll donate £100 to the charity of choice of the fore-mentioned Liberal Executive Member ...

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Andrew said...

24-hours and no takers ... wonder if the relevant Liberal Executive Member would consider donating £100 to the chariy of 'my choice' if no-one succeeds in completing the challenge??