Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Campaign for a "Scottish Ten"?

Appears to be a lot of political fuss today about the re-ignition of the campaign for a Scottish Six ... it's been a long-running saga this one, but I do really think events have moved on somewhat since it first arose (with some justification) in the late 1990's.

Just think back to pre-devolution 1998 and how often (and where) you accessed your news from? Maybe, just maybe, back then I did occasionally watch the BBC Six o'clock News ... not now, and I can't understand why politicians get so excited about it - I doubt if any of them ever see it? I access almost all of my news on the Internet now ... most of it Scottish and pretty local ... and I'd hazard a guess that most people who read this blog have a similar pattern of accessing news?

These days I never, ever, ever, ever see the BBC Six o'clock News - I'm never in the flat at that time - and if some MSP's are actually watching it every night, I can't help but ponder on their political commitment :-)

Now, if someone wants to start a campaign for a "Scottish Ten" ... I'd actually be able to see some rationale in such a debate :-))


Jeff said...

A fine point regarding internet news and News at Ten, though bloggers may not be a representative sample of where Scots as a whole get their news and I'm sure MSPs aren't pushing for a Scottish Six primarily so they can choose what they themselves get to watch on tv.

But I agree, there seems to be a lot of fuss over something rather unimportant.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - take your point about bloggers!

To be honest, I was actually engaged/enthused with this as an issue back in the late 1990's but I really just can't get excited about it now ... maybe just geting old :-(


Thomas said...

Perhaps your (and my) lack of excitement stems from a general news overload. What with 24 hour news channels claiming "Breaking News" and regular internet updates as soon as events occur, a Scottish Six would j ust be a mere revision exercise.

So to be watching news with newscasters talking about news, is just adding to the ennui!

I'm glad of your blog by the way, there's a scarcity of Labour ones I've noted and I like a balanced diet of blogs ;)

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment and encouragement ... there is a list of other Labour blogs down the right-hand sidebar; but I do agree there is a bit of a shortage in Scotland.