Thursday, August 09, 2007

The first 100 days :-(

The reports for next week's Council Executive (the last one!) are now out (the agenda can be found here) and there still seems to be absolutely no identifiable progress on any really significant policy issues ... I had an earlier rant about this here.

I do genuinely think this situation is bad for the city - I would rather, even though it would be to my own political detriment, that it wasn't the case and that we were seeing a new injection of energy and enthusiasm for many of the currently 'on-hold' development projects that are always needed to take a city (any city) forward.

I actually now make it 100 days this Saturday or Sunday (depending on whether you count May 3rd!) since the local elections earlier this year. What, of significance, have we seen since then: a new, internal decision-making structure for the Council has been imposed without any (yes, ZERO) public consultation whatsoever.

I'll resist any further dictatorial references, but in seriousness this is the only significant change we've seen and no one was asked about it ... to claim there's any sort of mandate for it from the election result is a nonsense if you briefly consider the percentage of the 1st preferences (or even Council seats!) gained by each Party.

Will the Autumn bring some badly-needed dynamism to the leadership of the City Chambers? ... I've got my doubts.

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