Sunday, November 04, 2007

Guy Fawkes weekend

Back in Edinburgh after an exhausting "Guy Fawkes weekend" of child-centred activities in the North West of England - I must be getting old :-(

I should first report that the train travel all went remarkably smoothly, with everything running on time and no engineering works to be seen anywhere. Amazing.

Here's a flavour of what we got up to, so you can appreciate (if not sympathise!) with my state of exhaustion:

Of course, this is not to mention the inescapable socialising that occurs when you haven't seen friends for a while - especially after said-children are all safely asleep :-)

Back to work tomorrow for a rest :-))


Anonymous said...

how about banning fireworks....

Andrew said...


... I'd need to be convinced on that one - tighter controls on selling, absolutely yes; but not sure a complete ban would be feasible?