Friday, January 09, 2015

Finance and Resources Committee next week

I don't usually flag-up every Committee Meeting of the Council - but next Thursday's (15th January) meeting of the "Finance and Resources Committee" does include a significant follow-on report from the December Full Council Meeting: I mentioned it here, under 'Proposals for Change' ...

... the report in question (for decision next week) is now up on Committee Papers onLine (CPOL) and can be accessed directly via this link. It is over 150-pages in length, but is a very important decision-point for the Council.

I'm certain there will - at next week's actual Committee Meeting - be a Coalition Motion to go alongside the report, and I'll post that up in due course.

All the reports for the Committee (if you're interested!) can be found here - and you'll be able to watch the meeting via the webcast service here.

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