Saturday, January 10, 2015

Core Cities Network

I'm off to Leeds tomorrow, for a couple of days, to observe a meeting of the "Core Cities Network" - you can read all about the network via their website, here ... summary as follows:

"We are a united voice for the importance of our cities in delivering our country’s full economic potential, creating more jobs and improving people’s lives.  Our cities already contribute more than a quarter of the combined wealth of England, Wales and Scotland and, with more freedoms and flexibilities, we are best placed to improve the UK’s economic fortunes.  Core Cities are a vital delivery partner for Government and its agencies.

The ten Core Cities urban areas deliver 28% of the combined economic output of England, Wales and Scotland (26.5% of the UK economy) and are home to almost 19 million, 30.7% of the combined English, Welsh and Scottish population (29.8% of the UK population).

Read more about our work in our 'What We Do section'."

Looking forward to an interesting couple of days!

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