Sunday, April 27, 2014

4-weeks until the marathon!

Now, regular blog readers will know, that I generally keep the current running-mania off of the blog - and just leave it on my blipfoto account ...

... but - from today - there's exactly 4-weeks left until the Edinburgh Marathon; and I'm really keen to try and boost my level of ongoing sponsorship: all goes towards helping the truly wonderful Venture Scotland.

So - PLEASE do consider sponsoring me, if you're able ... any amount, no matter how small, would really be very much appreciated :-))

And just to prove that I am taking this all very seriously ... I managed to complete the Edinburgh Great Run today!

The snap above is of me just prior to setting off for the start-line - and the one to the left is of my ever-faithful Garmin watch, and the medal I received :-)

Very pleased with the just-under, 9.5minutes per mile achieved today.

So - go on! - PLEASE do consider sponsoring me, and helping the wonderful Venture Scotland ... who you can read all about via here.

My just giving page is here - many thanks!

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