Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Riddle's Court and 4-6 Victoria Terrace

I've received a fair few queries about the detail of what was decided on Tuesday (yesterday) when Riddle's Court was discussed/debated  at Committee ...

... as noted earlier, you can see the Full Report via this link - and I'll just paste the actual recommendations below; followed by the Addendum that was approved by the Coalition, which thus represents the totality of the decision:

3. Recommendations

3.1 That Committee:

1) Notes the previous decision of the Children and Families and Finance and
Resources Committees to grant a 99-year lease of Riddle’s Court to SHBT at
a peppercorn rent and restates its commitment to the restoration project at
Riddle’s Court.

2) Notes that SHBT has secured Heritage Lottery Funding for redevelopment of
the property and that the area currently occupied by 6VT at 4-6 Victoria
Terrace is included in the conditions of lottery grant.

3) Further notes that the Heritage Lottery Fund has granted an extension of their
offer with a revised deadline of 31st March 2014 to meet the conditions of the

4) Recognises the value of the work undertaken by 6VT and the Board’s
preference to remain in their current premises until suitable alternative
accommodation can be secured.

5) To note the options and implications set out at paragraphs 2.4 and 2.5, and
instruct Council officers to work with 6VT to seek their relocation by 31
December 2014, ideally by mutual agreement.

6) To request officers to report to the relevant Committee on the most
appropriate mechanism to allow the resources currently allocated to SHBT to
be realigned to 6VT to support the cost of capital fit out and rent of their new

+ Addendum by the Capital Coalition


1.    Recognises the value of the services provided by 6VT and the Board’s concern about finding appropriate premises should 6VT move from Victoria Terrace

2.    Acknowledges that initial plans for the capital redevelopment of Riddles Court were clear that existing tenants (such as 6VT) would remain in situ after any such refurbishment

3.    Also recognises the value of the SHBT plans for the redevelopment of an important historical building, and that the premises at 4-6 Victoria Terrace now form part of the business plan supporting that redevelopment

4.    Agrees that any move should not impact negatively on 6VT or the services it provides

5.    Commits the Council to working with 6VT and SHBT to ensure an outcome that satisfies the needs of both parties

6.    Agrees therefore to set up a Project Delivery Group, chaired by the Council Leader and comprising:

•    The Convener and Vice-convener of Education, Children and Families
•    Two representatives each from SHBT and 6VT
•    Senior management representation from Property Services, Children and Families, and Children and Families Social Work

7.    The first meeting of the Project Delivery Group to be scheduled as soon as possible, following this Committee meeting/decision, with the aim of reaching an early resolution of outstanding issues

8.    A subsequent progress report to come to the Corporate, Policy and Strategy Committee meeting of 10th June 2014.


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