Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back in Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh this evening, after a fabulous 2-weeks down in Sussex/Kent ... with 4-days spent in London at the Olympics :-)

Now, as close friends and family know well, I'm not a huge sports-fan by nature; but I do have to say that we were completely swept away by the truly wonderful atmosphere around all the London events we had tickets for.

Managed to get to the main Olympic Park (for Hockey and the Orbit!); Earls Court (for Volleyball); and Wembley (twice - for Men's and Women's Football) - each venue was very slickly managed, and the crowds really were as fervent as they appeared in all the TV and press reports ...

... difficult to pick out a favourite moment - it was all outstanding - but the USA V Japan Women's Football Final, at Wembley, with over 80,000 of a crowd was something really special. It was a pretty passionate match, with both American and Japanese supporters in abundance, and the contest certainly matched (and surpassed, I'd say) many male football games that I've seen for skill and determination.

Now got a day to recover (tomorrow), then back to work first-thing on Monday. Have had a really great 2-weeks away, but am looking forward to getting back to the day-job now ;-)

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