Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Living Wage for council workers

Now I know you will have noticed (!) that our recently-launched consultation document had a commitment to introduce a Living Wage for council workers thus ensuring that all employees are paid a fair wage ...

... well, earlier today, I was thus more-than-happy to sign up to the Edinburgh University Labour Students 'Living Wage' campaign.

I'm pictured here with Stephen Donnelly, Secretary of Edinburgh University Labour Students who later commented:

"I'm delighted that the Labour Group have backed a Living Wage for council workers. The individuals working tirelessly for our city deserve the dignity of a decent wage, and with the announcement that Glasgow City Council is to pay its staff a Living Wage, it's time Edinburgh followed suit. Edinburgh Labour Students have made this their priority for the year, and won't rest until poverty pay is stamped out in our city"

Hear, hear!

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