Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leadership choices ...

With the recent rule-changes to the Scottish Labour Party elections, there's now the unbridled joy of local Councillors being able to submit supporting-nominations for the 'Leader/Deputy Leader' candidates ...

... the deadline was 12noon earlier today, and I've thought long-and-hard about whether to submit such supporting-nominations and decided to do so.

My backing - for what its worth! - has gone to:
  • Johann Lamont MSP for Leader
  • Lewis Macdonald MSP for Deputy Leader
I should explain, briefly, my rationale for these choices.

For the 'Leader-candidate', on balance, I believe that Johann Lamont will be the more politically effective as an Opposition Group Leader. I supported her back in August 2008 when she was elected as our previous Deputy Leader, and I'm just not convinced that either Ken Macintosh nor Tom Harris will cope with the huge difficulties that will undoubtedly face the new Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The challenge is frankly immense - and I reckon Johann will cope with that. I also happen to like what she is saying on the campaign trail.

For the 'Deputy Leader-candidate', the choice was actually much more straightforward for me as I know Lewis quite well - having worked with him during my Transport-days when he was a Transport Minister at the Scottish Executive. I like Lewis - in my view, he held Ministerial Office competently. I also happen to think its important one of the Leadership roles is occupied by someone from outside of Scotland's Central Belt - as an Aberdeen politician, Lewis fits that bill.

The other candidates have their qualities, and Ken Macintosh/Anas Sarwar will certainly get my second preferences, but my first-choice for 'Leader/Deputy Leader' will be Johann and Lewis, for the reasons briefly explained above.


Anonymous said...

Vote Ken!!

Andrew said...

Anonymous - I'll vote for him with my second preference ;-)