Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday cycle!

Cycle trip from Glasgow through to Edinburgh went well earlier today ... weather wasn't nearly as bad as predicted thankfully ;-)

Sadly though, I did notice something this year that didn't appear so prevalent in previous years - and that was the high number of apparently fairly bad accidents :-(

I saw an ambulance having to attend cyclists on at least 3 separate occassions in the 50-mile stretch, and got the distinct impression that many of the tumbles were simply people being bunched up too close and clipping wheels of those in front of them. I'm not sure the numbers (of cyclists generally) were vastly greater than last year, but the rate of falls certainly did seem much higher.

None of that should detract though from (once again) how well organised the day was - all credit to those behind this year's event for overseeing what must be a mammoth operation.

One more year now and that will indeed be ten-in-a-row ... having completed the ride every year since 2003!

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