Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Glasgow-Edinburgh cycle ride this Sunday

Its the annual 'Pedal for Scotland' cycle ride this coming Sunday ... thus been trying to ensure that my commute to work is made by bike every day just now, in preparation for Sunday's challenge!

The finish-point (here in Edinburgh) has been changed this year --- now to be at Murrayfield --- which, I have to say, will be much easier for those of us on the West of the City ;-)

This will - all being well - be the 9th year in a row I've completed the route: one more year (September 2012) and I think I may hang-up my 'Pedal for Scotland' obsession and move on to something else ... believe it or not, I did run a few marathons in my youth and once made a rash bet with my Dad that I'd run one when I reached 50-years of age :-(

Well, by the time we get to the 2014 Edinburgh Marathon I'll have reached that landmark, so maybe that will have to be the next challenge :-)

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