Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rubbish Collection

Or, I should say, lack of rubbish collection :-(

Unbelievably, the refuse work-to-rule is coming up for its second anniversary and I am - once again - awash this week with complaints about overflowing bins and rubbish-strewn streets. And the hot weather isn't exactly helping the situation.

It's a truly outrageous position for Edinburgh to be in.

Really --- does anyone know of anywhere else (on the planet!) where a work-to-rule has been allowed to drag on for 2-years without resolution, costing the local tax-payer millions of pounds into the bargain?

Just about says all there is to say on the current state of Scotland's capital city :-((


Anonymous said...

well maybe the council shouldn't be trying to crush the collective organising among the binmen by bringing in private operators!? Your comments imply you agree with this appalling thatcherite approach? I fully support their actions though it is crap having rubbish everywhere but what choice do they have?

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - and I do apologise if it seems I'm supportive of the current Council approach to the work-to-rule ... the truth is the exact opposite!

If you type 'dispute' in the top-left search box you'll find numerous posts where I make my position clear ... I'm appalled at the way the current Administration have handled this and we're resisting (as best we can from Opposition) the attempts to privatise the service (through the ABM programme).

Thanks again for checking out the blog.