Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labour won by a thundering mile

You really should have a quick glance at paragraph 2 of this article --- you have to admire John's honesty!

But frivolity aside, he does raise some serious points about the lack of awareness of the scale of the devastation which is about to hit the public sector ... evidenced at a local level by coverage in today's local paper :-(

And whilst I appreciate that these local proposals are for consultation and no final decision will be made until next February, it does appear to me that the brunt of the suggested cuts will hit the weakest and most vulnerable in Edinburgh the hardest.

That just can't be right and we'll certainly be developing alternative local savings that have less impact on those who need front-line services the most.

One would have hoped the Lib-Dems down south (now part of the UK-Government) would be thinking along the same lines - but it certainly doesn't appear so from where I'm sitting :-((

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