Monday, September 13, 2010

All eyes on next May

From last Friday afternoon --- the winning Liberton/ Gilmerton candidate is third from the right ...

... we're smiling broadly as the result has just been formally announced and Bill Cook is now a Labour Councillor for Ward 16 in Edinburgh ;-)

Onwards to next May now!


Andrea said...

I see Edimnburgh Council is re-styling their website and so the result seem to be lost for the moment. Will they publish the complete result with stages and trasnfers?

I've seen some figures on the net but I wanted to be sure they were accurate and waiting for the official council update on that.

Andrew said...


Yes - sorry about that ... none of my links to the CEC website will probably work now: all a sinister plot if you ask me ;-)

The ful results should be published and I'll try and remember to do a blog post in due course with a new link etc.


Andrea said...

Thanks Andrew.
The transfers are always can always find a couple of people ranking 1) SSP 2) Tories :-)