Wednesday, March 17, 2010

21% collapse in satisfaction rates

I'll bet you remember those Council satisfaction rates from last year - you don't, well here's a little reminder:

"satisfaction rates with the Council have dropped by nearly 20% in just 2-years; and dissatisfaction rates have gone up by over 15%"

Well, today we got this year's figures and we now have a discernible pattern - check out table 7a on Page 5 of Appendix 1 here - summary lines at the bottom show that:
  • satisfaction rates with the Council have gone down by 21% since Spring 2007 (56 to 35)
  • dissatisfaction rates with the Council have gone up by 16% since Spring 2007 (21 to 37)

Yes - you've got it - satisfaction rates with the way the Council is managing Edinburgh have completely collapsed from 56% in the spring of 2007 to 35% last autumn 2009.

Frankly, these statistics are a terrible indictment of the discredited Lib-Dem/SNP Coalition currently in charge of the Capital City of Scotland.

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