Thursday, March 18, 2010

P&S Committee - will anyone be left?

Policy and Strategy (P&S) Committee meeting next Tuesday (23rd March) - main agenda can be found here; and individual reports via CPOL here.

You'll notice from that main agenda, that most of the reports have already been trailed via the local press and/or mentioned on this blog ... but nevertheless, some interesting (for once!) topics are up for discussion.

One report I haven't mentioned yet, relates to the impending retirement of three of the Council's Senior Management Team - all the details are here ... well over 100-years of experience going in the space of a few months: I reckon it will inevitably create a bit of a void.

Mind you, it's not just:
  • the Chief Executive
  • the Director of Finance
  • & the Director of Corporate Services

- who are leaving ... the following senior managers have also left in the last couple of years:

  • a Director of City Development
  • a Director of Children and Families
  • the Council Secretary
  • a Chief Executive of TIE
  • a Chief Executive of Lothian Buses
  • the Chief Executive of Edinburgh Leisure
  • & TWO Chief Executives of EDI

I think I should just leave others to draw their own conclusions about such a rapid exodus of senior management, in such a comparatively short space of time?


Anonymous said...

When the going gets tough....the weak run off and hide behind their final salary pensions.

Andrew said...


Point taken - but, to be fair, they are all of retirement age ... luckily for them!