Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep calm and carry on

Budget Day at Westminster ... of course, I'm openly biased, but really - would George Osborne have enacted half (if any?) of these measures today?

I think most folk know the answer to that question - and I continue to trust they'll factor in the answer to how they vote in a few weeks time.

Because we've still had no word whatsoever on how much Osborne would cut from spending in 2010/11?

No word on how quickly he would halve the deficit?

And no word on how much he would reduce the structural deficit by?

All those questions were answered in the budget that Alistair Darling released today - the details are all here.

Quite a contrast - bit like the calm, assured performance of the Chancellor when compared to the antics of the leader of the Opposition when replying to the budget speech. Antics that are simply not paying off in the polls - with The Sun tomorrow showing the Tory lead down to just 2-points.

Maybe voters are really starting to think of the alternative to Alistair Darling as Chancellor ...

... and they know its George Osborne running the country's finances.

It is a sobering thought.

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