Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Second-time lucky?

Interesting development (if you're a political anorak!) over in Glasgow East today ...

... as regular readers know, I spent a fair amount of time over in my home city last July; only to see John Mason win the by-election :-(

Without wanting to tempt fate, I suspect he should now make the very best of the next 15-months because it wouldn't have been at all easy to retain a majority of 365 under any circumstances ... but having to face such an opponent again will certainly make it all the more difficult.

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John Wallace said...

I thought she proved a bit of a liability at her last attempt especially when she forgot where she lived.

Personally I would find it impossible to vote for someone who had told an outright lie, of that nature, just to get votes.

... I know, I know - have I just struck myself off from voting ever again?

I wonder if Labour's recession will make things get even worse?