Sunday, July 13, 2008

... back from Glasgow

Back from Glasgow ... and, to be honest, hard to be completely certain about any outcome on the 24th July from the evidence of my day :-(

Leafletting in a pretty strong Labour area of the constituency in the morning, and canvassing what can only be classed as 'not fertile Labour territory' in the afternoon ... so, pretty mixed views and one can only conclude that it is indeed going to be a tight result!

... so, to the few Labour Party members who read this blog - get over to Glasgow East in the next 10-days; and to the legions of Nats who follow my on-line ramblings - just stay in front of those computer screens until 25th July ;-))


Glasgow Cinemas said...

Good to see some effot

John Wallace said...

Shame all your hard work can be damaged by party lies about fake war heroes.

To the people who HAVE served, been wounded and been honoured with decorations - this is the #1 reason not to vote Labour.

Who should get fired here?