Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Glasgow East

I've had loads of folk asking what my views are on the contest currently underway (just!) in Glasgow East ...

... well, I'm off over to my 'home city' this coming Sunday, to lend some assistance to local campaigning efforts, and I will indeed report back in due course ;-)

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John Wallace said...

I kind of agree with Fraser Nelson when he says:

Glasgow East is Brown’s dirty little secret: a hideous, costly social experiment gone wrong.

Glasgow East symbolises — as few other places in Britain can — the fact that the problem Labour faces is not just lack of leadership but lack of mission. What is to be seen in this constituency encapsulates and dramatises Labour’s abject failures to comprehend, let alone tackle, the nature of the poverty which grips our council estates.

The full article is here

Further, I think the same thing happened in Craigmillar and probably other places in Edinburgh.