Friday, February 27, 2009

Scotland V Italy

Whole crowd of family members, including some youngsters, invading the Burns household this weekend ... all centred around the imminent thrashing of Italy by Scotland at Rugby :-)

... as the last post (no pun intended) indicated, hope does always spring eternal.

May be a light-blogging weekend, as my Brother is staying the weekend :-((


Anonymous said...

Scotland could do with a good result against Italy today, i'm sure they will win, i hope!!!

Watched the France V Wales game and Wales came so close at the end to winning the game, i still think Wales are favorites for winning the six nations.

Hey have a good weekend, Omar..

Andrew said...


Caught the second half, and agree it was a pretty close game.

Looking forward to the Scotland match at 3pm this afternoon - and will be shouting loudly from the East Stand!