Saturday, January 10, 2009

Con-trick appears to have worked?

Sadly, it appears my hope just yesterday that local Lib-Dems would have the guts to speak up about the low level of the so-called 'Capital City Supplement' has already been shattered :-(

Scotsman has a brief piece on all of this today - here - wherein:

The council's finance leader (who is a Lib-Dem) said: "We're not disappointed at all; this was broadly in line with what we expected. We will continue to argue for more, as we believe Edinburgh has a very strong case for additional support, but this is £3.5m more than we had last year and is certainly very welcome."

If its what was expected, why did we ask for ten-times that amount?

... and sorry, we received more money under the 'Cities Growth Fund'; and this is an overall funding reduction :-(

I despair, I really do :-((

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