Sunday, December 14, 2008


Congestion charging, electoral reform ... no-one will be reading this blog shortly the way things are going ;-)

... so, on a much more serious note - regular readers will know I'm no huge fan of TV but do have a bit of a weakness when it comes to ER and Spooks. Sadly, neither is currently on terrestrial television - which is all the Burns household has access to!

But, for the last three weeks I reckon the dramas (commissioned via BBC Scotland I believe?), based on the Swedish author Henning Mankell's 'Kurt Wallander Mysteries', have just about outclassed the operations at 'Chicago County General', not to mention those at the MI5 HQ on the North Bank of the Thames :-)

... tragically, it was the last episode tonight.

I hope someone at BBC Scotland has already had the good sense to commission more episodes?


Nagl said...

Excellent stuff, wasn't it? According to Wikipedia, a second series is hoped for in a couple of years time, once Branagh's finished directing 'Thor' (the mind boggles!).

Andrew said...


Hope that's right - I really enjoyed the three episodes and thought they were the best thing on telly for ages ...