Friday, December 12, 2008

London alone :-(

I am in London, but not lonely ... referring to the news from Manchester today :-(

I well remember the endless arguments, in Edinburgh, back in 2003-2005 about how all the city needed was 'trams first' and then congestion charging would make perfect sense and would have received widespread public support ... I know its hard to believe now, but THAT IS exactly what was being said at the time.

... well, the news from Greater Manchester today seems to disprove that theory unfortunately: 78.8% No to 21.2% Yes ... and the region has had a tram system for years.

... even more resounding than that 22nd February 2005 result in Edinburgh: 74.4% No to 25.6% Yes.

Very difficult to see any other UK-city taking forward such proposals now?

London alone, indeed.

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