Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Elections change nothing?

As the eternal-optimist, I don't really subscribe to the view that 'its a bad time to be a politician' ... political scepticism may be rampant, but I for one reckon its been just so for generation upon generation.

And, personally, I reckon such scepticism is no bad thing. If you believe that politics does changes lives, then you surely have to believe that its right and proper for those very changes to be rigorously questioned, challenged and debated?

And for the doubters out there about the ability of democracy to facilitate change - just cast your eye over this quote:

"All of us know the problems that are rooted in our addiction to foreign oil. It constrains our economy, shifts wealth to hostile regimes and leaves us dependent on unstable regions."

That's the next democratically elected President of the United States speaking earlier today.

Certainly strikes me as a bit of a change from that countries' previous position on oil dependency?

I know that words are easy, and actions are what matter, but as I've mentioned before I do think that the world is in for a bit of a shock following that inauguration on the 20th January 2009.

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