Friday, November 07, 2008

Well done Cammy Day!

I'm absolutely delighted for Cammy Day - who was declared the winning candidate at the Forth Ward by-election just after midnight :-)

I have not the slightest shred-of-doubt that Cammy will be an effective local Councillor for the Forth Ward area. He has fought an inspired local campaign and he will translate that platform into effective local action in the months to come.

And, it has to be said, this is a very clear message to the current Lib-Dem/SNP Council Administration ... the style (and content!) of the last 18-months of their rule was rejected last night. And it will be rejected again in 2012 if they don't change direction.

And, on the wider political front, the result in Glenrothes is even (marginally) more impressive for Labour ;-))

Joking aside - I've always been open about how poor some recent electoral results have been for Labour ... Crewe and Glasgow East spring immediately to mind :-(

... and I do hope my political opponents will have the good grace to accept that last night was a good night for Edinburgh Labour and Scottish Labour alike.


John Longstaff said...

....and a good Day for Scotland, not to mention the UK :))

Andrew said...


Good to hear from you - and thanks for the comment!

Hope all is well ...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Labour for its 0.3% increase in its share of the vote in Forth Ward.

Well done.

Andrew said...


I wouldn't detect a slight air of sarcasm in your comment would I?



Anonymous said...

It's an impressive result for Labour and Cammy Day whatever the swing in the context of recent months. Combined with the by-election in Ballieston the same day, it suggests the bursting of the SNP bubble and swing to Labour is not just a Glenrothes phenomenon. I hope Labour don't get carried away in the manner the SNP have in the past 18 months as there is a long way to go until the next Westminsiter and Holyrood elections. Labour are beginning to take on the SNP and beat them again, as long as they don't try to beat them at the SNP's own game of arrogance. Labour need to show that they as magnanimous in victory as they are in defeat.
To be fair your blog suggests Labour are far better in both circumstances.