Friday, May 23, 2008

It has to be mentioned :-((

What can I say about that result in Crewe this morning ... not good :-(

You should never read 'too much' into one by-election result ... I remember doing just that during 1987-1992 when Labour won several spectacular by-election victories :-(

- but the result today in Crewe has to be set alongside the recent results in the English and Welsh local government elections; and the even more recent set of UK polling results, the latest of which was published on Tuesday.

Taken together, as I said above, it really is 'not good' :-((

But, just about the worst possible reaction would be for the Labour Party to turn inwards on itself ... just ask William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith or Michael Howard if they would recommend such a course of action?

No, some calm - after the storm of the last six-months - is now required ... and it may be just as well that Westminster's Whitsun Recess started yesterday ...

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